Easter Crafts

Easter Crafts – Fun for the kids, Adults too.


What kids do not like painting, cutting, sticking and making a real mess,  and then there’s the Easter egg hunt. 

All the children even some adults running around trying to find the hidden eggs, it’s great to hear the laughter and giggles as they search high and low.

Living in the UK (rainy days)we have adapted to hiding bright coloured plastic eggs, because you just never know if Mr dark cloud is going to appear, but he won’t stop our fun.
Of course the plastic eggs are all exchanged for the real chocolate ones, and the child with the most eggs, wins the prize of a super huge chocolate egg. 

Back to the crafting, we tend to decorate real eggs ( first you need to gently pierce the egg to empty it) and then they are ready to be decorated any way you like.

We also love making Easter Cards, and then we give them out to each other.

Next we decorate bonnets for girls and cowboy hats for boys

Next is the judging.

To make it fair, we have 3 judges, who judge the bonnets and cowboy hats each  item is given points out of 5, then they are added up and we have a winner. who wins a super Super HUGE Easter egg.

Where to find supplies, as we live in the UK we go to Hobby craft, where they generally have a huge section of crafts, we also go to the Pound shops and buy some amazing stuff, but where ever you are I am sure you will have similar stores.

Here’s a small list of crafting’s you could purchase

• Little yellow chicks

• Fluffy rabbits

• Coloured straw

• Ribbon

• Small and big eggs

• Paint

• Glue

• Feathers

• And so on, there is so much to choose

A Nice thing you can do is to make Easter Baskets, decorate them and fill them with chocolate treats and take them to your nearest Retirement home, ( I would ask permission first) but I’m sure the residents would love to receive a basket of treats.

Wrap the baskets in cellophane and pop in a homemade Easter Card, you be sure to bring a smile to some lovely people’s faces.

After all that crafting and the Easter egg hunt, you may have some hungry tummies, so you could have ready a buffet  and refreshments for them all to enjoy, as long as they did not eat too many Easter eggs.

What a great way to bring family together for a day making crafts and having the best time.

Don’t forget the camera to record these amazing memories.

Happy Easter – Have Fun x